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Feb 29, 2008

In Honor of Elvis Presley

- Because I was born on the same day;
- Because my twin's first born was born on the day of his death;
- Because some of his favorite foods included crisp bacon and mashed potatoes and brown gravy.
- Because...I'm. Hungry.
...9 days down, 1 more to go (of my fast -- the Master Cleanser. Focus, Chuck, focus.)

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23 peanuts say:

TheVasquez3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheVasquez3 said...

hang in there Chuck...poor you!

what is that saying? nothing tastes as good as being thin feels

or somthing like that, usually when the voice in my head says that i shut it up with some chocolate!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I don't know how you do it. I'd be starving half to death by now. I love bacon and mashed potatoes and brown gravy. What's even better is fried chicken with creamy white chicken gravy. Oh sorry, am I making you hungrier. Stay focused Chuck, stay focused. Have a great day and weekend. Big hug. :)

the teach said...

Chuck, I'm so glad the fast is coming to an end... oh and thanks for sharing the Elvis stuff! :D

Sandy Carlson said...

That look in those dreams eyes say, "Wish I had a lemon with me now...."

Hang in there!

Bonnie said...

Oh wow ! You've done soooo well. Only one day to go ! I'm thinking about doing this too. We'll see. The hardest thing is cooking for the family while I'm not eating ! (I've done fasts before) I can't exactly put my 6 and 4 year old on a lemon juice diet ! ha.

HRH said...

I think it is the fried peanutbutter and banana sandwiches that he liked that you crave...only a few more days!

Pam said...

Stay focused dear! you are almost there! You can do it!

by the way- I didn't know you were a twin! Cool! (Sorry - you probably said that at some point, but since I am new to your blog...I'm still catching up!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'd be hungry, too! Thanks for stopping by Cheese In My Shoe. You mentioned that I breezed over the loss of my daughter...not quite. :-) I've talked about her in depth in several posts. Here's one of my favorites.
It does appear that way to a first-time visitor, though.
Oh, I just realized that two of my best friends were married on Elvis's birthday!
Have a great weekend!

Greatfullivin said...

One more day...Focus, Chuck, Focus:)

Nap Warden said... fun. Good luck

I get so many compliments on your blog btw!

mama meji said...

I wanted tell you I'm getting some pompoms to meet you on the last day of fasting - just to keep you motivated. But I don't have any pompoms so I hope this message will do (and which I also tell my son in some situations): you're almost done, Honey. So hang in there. Have a happy Saturday.

Open Grove Claudia said...

hey I didn't know you had a twin! Fraternal or identical? Male or female? That's cool.

Elvis is also cool. Can your twin make that lip movement?

Jessica said...

OMG! I have totally been thinking of doing something like this! I am going to read your blog a bit more. I might have some questions

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on Babies, Memories, Chuck. I hope that my comment didn't come across as snippy or rude. It's sometimes difficult for me to express my true feelings with font. ;0)
You have a great weekend, too, and congrats on day 10 of your fast.
That's some serious discipline!

bluedreamer27 said...

oh yourin fast gheeeh goodluck toyouchuck and thanks for allowingme to interviewyoui reallly appreciated it by the way im now having a contestt memem hope you join and have a greatday

jenn said...

I have an award for you that might cheer you up!

Melanie said...

I would have wasted away to nothing long ago.

So, what happens after 1 more day? Do you eat bacon, mashed patatoes, gravy and more importantly chocolate?

RennyBA said...

I kind of liked him to, but mostly here to wish you a great weekend :-)

Chuck said...

Thanks everybody for your comments and concerns *giggling* I kept saying the fast ends after day 10 'cause that's when the lemonade ended; however, I am now coming off of the cleanser and getting my digestive system back to normal by drinking not lemons, but oranges then veggie broth. Yes, "drinking" yet some more. Day 11: OJ. Day 12: OJ & veggie broth. Day 13: OJ, veggie broth and then veggies! *jumping up and down and clapping* Thx for thinking of me, and know I'm really doing well - seriously. Chewing is truly overrated, I say.

Pinky: have no fear, my friend. I don't easily get offended. I appreciate what you're going thru. You can say anything you like, however you like. I understand.

Bluedreamer: thx for the invite. I'll stop by soon. *hugs*

Jenn: ahhh - an award. I love that. Thx! I'll be over shortly.

Melanie: Definitely in my dreams: peanut butter & banana sandwich (thx, June), fried chicken (thx, Sandee) and mashed taters and white gravy (great ideas from you and Sandee)! Actually, I tho't my first splurge would be trout in puff pasty -- a recipe from Wolfgang Puck. *Yummo* (I know. Wrong chef, but you get the idea.)

Think I got everybody else's comments/questions.

To your good health, all. *huggies*

Roger said...

Aww reading that makes me want to eat! I have a award for you for the many you have giving me, my fine friend! "You Rock!!!" :D

the teach said...

Chuck I finally have the Friendship Award you gave me up on my blog. Sorry it took so long...:(

OneLuvGurl said...

I know Elvis like those deep-fried peanut butter sandwiches... never had one but they sound tasty! Good luck on the diet!