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Since October 2007

Aug 3, 2009

Unexpected Fork

Long time no blog. Why? Because I put my heart and soul into somebody else's life and not mine.

In short, close, dear friend of 3-4? years created a position for me in her company. Blessed I was for almost a year in a dream role for which I thought would send me into retirement until....boom, kablooey, kaput, you've got to be was over. No idea. Job is over.

She said I inspired her to adopt her kids, I was one of the best employees she had, she complimented me on my determination, loved to work with me because I never complained, and was like her little sister.

But life takes us places we don't expect. Positive side? Yes. Always. Though I took the unexpected fork in the road, I am happy to say it's been a peaceful one. All is well now and, simply put, it was meant to be. Nobody should live like that. Life is too short.

Peace out, Andrea.