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Dec 21, 2011

Dec. 21, 2011. Foster Me Up has been Published

A shocking, harrowing, and ultimately inspiring journey, Rhonda Zimmer’s life story—and that of her twin sister’s—is an extraordinary glimpse into the power of will, the strength of spirit, and the tenacity of two young women determined to turn their lives into rich, rewarding experiences. And what is possibly the most astounding thing of all is that in her recounting of the events of her life, author Rhonda Zimmer turns the other cheek with such ease and grace, her nature being one of extraordinary humility and awe-inducing peace and serenity. A must-read that teaches us all the power we hold inside, Foster Me Up: Entering the “System” Doesn’t Have to Mean the End is a reminder that only you can decide what is an ending, and what is a beginning.

Find it on Kindle version coming soon.