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Since October 2007

May 4, 2010

Purely Inspired


The gentleness of my hand touches your face and with a slight downward motion, I close your eyes.
I kiss you lightly and tenderly...
Then all that is heard are my footsteps exiting through the door at a quick pace not to turn back.
Closed and locked tightly,
I find myself as far away from the finality of its closure as I need to be.
Afraid, I hide; in a ball, I curl.
You open the door and saunter in…quietly and confidently.
You have found me.
Not to worry, my angel. Trust me and know all is meant to be.
Lifting my tear-stained face from the pillow, you place my concern into your heart.
I look into your blue eyes…and I know, without a doubt,
That I have finally found --

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