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Since October 2007

Jul 3, 2007

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Weird how time passes....when I think back to my early years, all I could think about was how slowly the second hand was moving and if I would ever make it to "18" -- to freedom. Here I am today and just like that -- ZOOM -- a whole month is gone, and I just don't understand! Well, since I created my beginner blog, my brother came back into my life full force, and I would like to begin focusing on the wonderful experiences we've shared and continue to share as the clock ticks on.

Many of you have read my first post and have commented on how the beginning of my book is laid out and yet not once did I ever imagine that "story" to be as such (the opening chapter), until now. The problem with it mostly is simply this: I didn't include the other members of my family! I've been struggling with the "angle" I am going to take which is why I chose to jot down something, anything and being such an integral part of my twin's life for our whole lives, is what lead me down that path (the treacherous trip in the Dodge). Though she has been my world since conception, I now have this new link to who I am and how and why many of the roads in my past were paved. What is it, you ask? Not "what" but who? My brother, Curtis!

Turns out, the pendulum has swung consistently thru many a blue moon as this sibling went one way, and I went another with no knowledge that we would cross paths one day, this day, while holding numerous commonalities. Currently, and I wish this to remain indefinitely, he is the highlight and inspiration of my meager existence. His ability to ward off demons, grasp and hold onto the heartbeat of his strength is powerful and quite an influence that I opt not to allow to be engulfed by the quicksands of life without notice. To observe a man who is approaching 45 never obtain the things he has truly desired for more than 4 decades in a manner of such humility and selflessness is quite an amazing site. It's a lesson learned by all who step onto the thoroughfare he traverses.

So, as I type this post, the strike of yet another moment, minute, hour, day, week and month passes me by, but without worry: my brother and I have started a business and our future unfolds before our very eyes with excitement, smiles, laughter, love, good health and most definitely, prosperity! Cheers to you all, and to all a good day, wishing you well as the clock ticks away ------

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Jul 1, 2007



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