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Feb 17, 2009

Health Thru Detox & Diet

I’ve had health on my mind more than usual as of late due to my twin’s recent loss of 83 pounds and my recent gain of 15 (due mostly to inflammation). Thought it would be nice to finally get on line and post some research that I’ve found over the years in my studies of natural health. I consider this to be sort of an avocation, and I take it very seriously.

Detoxing is the key to unlocking the door to weight loss:

In short, our bodies are filled with chemicals simply through daily consumption of products that are found on the store shelves and in the restaurants we frequent. Anything that is processed (not organic) is going to be toxic (have chemicals). The more toxins we put in our bodies, the more battles we fight with disease and general poor health (headaches, chronic fatigue, poor digestion, food cravings, stuffy head, low sex drive, reduced mental clarity, and troubled sleep).

Medicines that are given to us by doctors are toxic:

Kevin Trudeau discusses the theory behind medical doctors being in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies; you might have found at one time or another getting prescribed with a drug and wondering why that particular one. It is because they are making money off the sale and it doesn’t matter if it’s the right drug for you or not. Not only does it not work for you, but you end up back at the doctor’s office and like a guinea pig, they give you something else to temporarily cure your ailments – if you don’t deal with too many side effects, you might find some relief!

Additionally, you may have seen commercials on TV that talk about drugs that have been released prior to approval and due to claims of illness and even incidences as bad as death, they have had to remove them from the shelves and announce to the public to file a law suit in order to find justice. It’s about them, not us as individuals – if we are sick, they make money.


It is not just about losing poundage (one can lose 10-20 lbs in just a few weeks), it is about better health and a sustainable life. Detoxing can be done every 6 months without causing any harm whatsoever. It plays a role in the body’s natural purification including the stomach, small intestines, liver, kidneys, bowels, etc. Choose an organic program so as to not add in more chemicals as you are attempting to remove them; follow the directions which typically include a list of foods that are easily digestible, a simple exercise program and you will see the results. Ask my twin; ask me. We’ve both experienced it.


As a general rule, stay away from caffeine, refined sugars* (e.g. alcohol, juice, candy), processed foods – fast foods, anything in a box or can that has preservatives, white flour, dairy and red meat. Eat yummy wild caught fishies, raw nuts, legumes, and eggs (protein), raw veggies – green foods, coconut oil, and sea salt. Take a whole food energizer. (I swear by Nature’s Way, Alive´- veggie caps or the shake which contains vitamins, minerals, fruits, veggies, bioflavanoids, enzymes, amino acids, green foods, herbs, EFAs and mushrooms.)

*Refined sugars are just one of the many major reasons a “trigger” is not sent to the liver to burn fat and will stop your fat hormones from working properly – all 6 fat-burning hormones do their job in the liver. If you plan to eat sugar, you will not be rewarded by all the benefits noted above. Also, sugars will raise your blood insulin levels and cause you to increase fat. (I am living proof of this one when I began adding Cranberry juice to my vodka! I did this for about a month, yes, regularly, and gained 10 lbs. And, I knew better! I do not ever drink juice. I almost had a "cranbaby"!)

Thanks go out to Andrea Elliott, who I believe has inspired many to get healthy, my twin and the strength from an upper power for enabling me to find myself and bring back the inspiration I needed to make me who I am.

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