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Jan 6, 2008

Dogs on Thursday Holiday Ornament Swap

Participated in the Dogs on Thursday Holiday Ornament Swap and look what me and my pooch got! We didn't even open these gifts until last night, so sadly enough, Devin @ Evil Tuesdays doesn't even know how happy we are yet!

See above, Baci got a very nice bone.

In the pic above is a lunch box, which I've already loaded with scooby snacks - yippee! Even more exciting were the gifts I got for myself that I mistakenly placed in Baci's stocking! I got vanilla incense, scented wipes and lipgloss as well as a hand-crafted ornament with Baci's name on one side and "X-mas 2007" on the other. Way to go, Devin! We love our presents - thank you so much!

Happy belated holidays everyone! Hope you're enjoying the new year and all the pounds you've gained to boot. I know I'm thrilled.

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2 peanuts say:

Gnat said...

Looks like you got a great package!! Happy DOT!!

Paula said...

What a fantastic package!
I am so glad everyone had fun with this swap and received such wonderful gifts!