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Dec 3, 2007

It's That Time of Year

I'm such a bum. I go on a vacation and upon return, I go right into "catch-up" mode; hence, as you can see, I've not made time to blog. Now that I'm sort of back, I get to prepare for the next trip and decorate our house for the holidays. All I can say is, maybe I'll get better at traveling...Woe is me. I know, shut up Rhonda. What a whiner.

I decided today for a quickie I would give away my latest present (mind you, I started this post yesterday and am just now laying it to rest in completion land). I got this from sweet, sweet Dorothy @ Scrungy and Friends and am giving it to Rhonda who says, Because Mom Said So...That's Why! So, pipe down and listen up! and What Works for Us for obvious reasons (look at the name of the gift, folks). No need to give specifics, except I have to say these two always make my world a little brighter. They both make me grin 'cause of their sarcastic humor and are both so very real. Now, gotta run. Got a 12' tree to decorate. By myself. Yippee. No really. I'm excited. This is my job and it's a darn good one!

Wishing everybody happy holidays and continuous love and laughter...

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2 peanuts say:

WorksForMom said...

Wow, I'm so humbled Rhonda. Sincerest thanks friend. And welcome back! Bloggyville missed you.

Have fun decking that tree!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun decorating the tree- and I hope you left room for your oranment from Dogs on Thursday! I'm putting it in the mail today- priority (since I have the boxes)- so it should be to you Saturday or Monday!