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Since October 2007

Nov 23, 2007

Family at Thanksgiving

M&M's Bro & SIL, niece with spouse and little one too.Tons of pics and only one (incomplete) family foto! Regardless, these are the KS in-laws. We visit them often and are always so thankful they allow us to overstay our welcome!

M&M's other niece (with spouse and friend). M&M's Sis (nice close-up). ...and her hubby.

Turkey and napping go together like bread and butter (just like these two once did). This is Papa Wahalla and M&M's brothers and sister's mama.SIL even got a gift - a cow patty! How thoughtful :) Had to post this one - it's our little "Chris Crinkle"; this is his new grin, as of today, 11/23/07. How adorable! And, finally - happy Grandpa, happy baby.

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