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Nov 12, 2007

The Lost Boy

It's still difficult for me to swallow that M&M's son (and his fiance too) were in our home last night. After five years (give or take a month or two), a relationship that had faltered has been rebuilt and with a foundation that I believe is finally solid.

The separation of two people can be healthy; however, most of the time (especially if there are children involved), it can be hazardous and hurtful to all due to miscommunications gone awry. Miscommunications that turn into other harmful factors such as duplicity, jealousy, negative deductions, anger, hate -- and so much more. Each family member is affected; it's not about blame, it's about perspective and the ability or inability to cope with the break-up of a home that no longer will be.

Looking back, I remember vividly what my man, this father, experienced. There were lots of tears and even a display of depression that he had never known. The word distraught is not big enough to describe what encompassed his entire world. His memories repetitively regressed to the pitter patter of tiny feet, big hugs, wrestling matches and other special moments that he shared with his son. He held these memoirs close to his heart, because it was all he had. Now his lost boy has returned, and I for one am so grateful that our prayers have been answered.

We welcome you into our life with open arms and are ready, as you are, to forget the past. It's time to progress forward -- onward and upward; love only and without fear.

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1 peanuts say:

M&M said...

Oh my sweety! You put so much into so little (meaning that for a little writing you said so much). Thank you for sticking by my side through these years I suffered without my son. Love you!