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Sep 12, 2007

TT Post #2

OK, I feel like this is kinda stupid, but I couldn't help myself --- 13 Things About "Your Name" is what I saw when I first signed up for TT, so today I went with it!

Thirteen Things about my name, Rhonda [my last name here]

1. Dead give-away that I'm unmarried ('cause I still have my maiden name)!
2. It's a twin's name; or is it?
3. If you remove the "R" you get a vehicle
4. My last name means "room" in German
5. Part of a well-known Beach Boys' song
6. Means “noisy” in Whales
7. Most likely derived from the name of the Rhondda River
8. It may not be mine; could be that I got mixed up with my twin at birth
9. In Celtic terms, it means “Good Spear”
10. Dianna Ross’ daughter’s 1st name
11. M&M’s girlfriend’s name
12. Special Ed student in “The Greatest American Hero” had same 1st name
13. Babyface’s first love song was written for a classmate with the same 1st name

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1 peanuts say:

Kim said...

Hey! Don't foget the song "Help me, Rhonda..Help Help Me Rhonda...Help me Rhonda, Yeah. Get her outta my heart"! Does that show my age or what! :)