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Since October 2007

Sep 19, 2007

One of the loves of my life!

My goal for this blog is to include ALL family members, so I've gone to my "Favs" archive and thought I would post a few of my Baci. She's my Shar-pei show quality daughter. She comes from a family of champions! Matter of fact, you should take a look at her breeding grounds: ShenaniGans Shar-Pei.

In these pics, she's only about 10 weeks to maybe 3 or so months old; regardless, she's leeetle. I'll get to her older fotos soon! Here's another:

Having fun?! Good, now go meet Baci's daddy, Moon!

This one I call, "Got Wrinkles?"

And, before you leave, here is her momma, Kissed by the Storm (national champ):

KILLER, don't cha think?! I do, but hey, I'm a tad bit biased.

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2 peanuts say:

Cindy said...

What a beautiful baby!!!!!!

Carmi said...

Too cute for words. You just want to hug her - and her parents, too!

This is why I love animals so much (said he as Frasier the miniature schnauzer cuddled up to him on the couch and made a soft doggy armrest for his human dad.)