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Sep 24, 2007


I was inspired and am grateful. I read this post: Getting Started by Chris Tysh (you should too) and suddenly, just like that I have a new perspective (thx, WeenieRoast)!

As some of you know, I am into naturopathic health and for good reason (which is a whole 'nother Oprah), so I won't get into that now. The point in bringing this up is that I've been dealing with pain for...well, many years -- abdominal to be specific and not one M.D. has ever helped. The bottom line is: there are many differing opinions about how to get in shape, get healthy, live longer, etc. -- in books, magazines, on the Internet and after reading Chris' post (above), I realized I need to Just Do It - NO excuses!! It was like getting hit with a brick in the head; I need to do what works for me, forget about the pain and just get on with it! The whole reason I became a runner was simply that I could do it whenever - wherever, at a very low cost, and I could become one with nature and God's beautiful earth! (It also helps to gain a carved, lean body amongst many other bonuses...)

So, after finding my 3-year old whey protein in the cupboard, I decide it's time to take a jaunt to the local health food store and see what new stuff is out there (never cared for the whey kind due to higher allergan potential -- so they say)! You guessed it, there are tons to choose from! I pick one from my favorite manufacturer that contains NO soy or sweeteners and head home. I down this green, thick, tasty beverage, put on my running shoes, grabb my water bottle, my MP3 player and am out the door (don't worry, I'm dressed tho' I failed to mention my attire). It's 70 degrees - perfect! And just like the old days, an hour and a half later I walk in the door, sweating, breathing heavily, and feeling like I'm finally on my way am ready for breakfast!

I run upstairs (this feat is tough you understand after my lengthy run) and in the bottom drawer of my nightstand, I dig out and dust off my favorite running book, Runner's World Complete Book of Running, edited by Amby Burfoot (Exec. Editor - Runner's World & winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon). I follow his recommended breakfast (well, close enough) and have 2 pieces of whole-grain toast w/ 2 t. butter, 3/4 cup organic grapes, 1/4 cup nonfat plain yogurt (with stevia....oh, I threw in some flaxseed) and 8 oz. nonfat milk. YUMMY! The idea is to get more than 300 grams of carbs and just under 30% fat calories. Ahhhhh, can't w84 my next run ---

Checking out now with kudos to another runner in the blogosphere (and to those darned pics I found over the weekend as well -- me, pre-belly surgery, look'n fine I might add ;) at my friend's wedding -- 4-5-02), two important factors that assisted in bringing me back to me. Hugs.

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4 peanuts say:

Chris said...

I'm really flattered that my post could be that inspiring to you. Thanks for mentioning me and I'm glad you got out there and started. It's a momentum thing. You start something positive and it will keep building on itself.

- Chris

Kim said...

Aw, shucks! Didn't we all look good back then??!?!! ;) I can't run anymore, but I have started exercising again in hopes of restrengthening my knee.

Sue said...

I prefer walking and the dogs give me a really good excuse to walk daily ... :) Happy WW!

Cindy said...

Good for you. I'm very impressed with your fortitude.