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Feb 21, 2013

Omg. It's been more than a year since I've posted. Can you say, depression? I am on my feet now and miss the blogging world but especially, Sandee. To you, I say thanks for being my best supporter. I received your email and wonder if you received mine months ago where I thanked you for reading my book and sharing my story with me. You are a true, caring soul. That's all for now.

1 peanuts say:

Sandee said...

Hi Little Chicken...sorry you've been depressed.

I really loved your book and had trouble putting it down. It was very well written and was from the heart. I went on a cruise right after I read the book and never gave it a review. I should have done that for a good friend like you. Shame on me.

I've missed you and you remain in my Google Reader. It was sure nice to see a post from you this morning.

Have a terrific day sweetie. Big hugs. ☺