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Jul 15, 2008

A Blogger's Best Friend (Scroll down for WW)

I'll tell ya what. I've been blogging for more than a year now and when I'm not posting or writing in prepare of my post, I'm searching (in my spare time) for ways to increase my traffic. After all, why are we here otherwise? As a memoirist, I hope to publish my book. No, really. I do. So why not jump in head first and make it happen...b4 it happens? Yeah whatever. Stop laughing. I'm gonna write it. Now, since I've been a member of Entrecard, I have intensified my bubbliness meter: I've increased my traffic, gained new friends and readers --> All is well in the bloggysphere. Then today, I happened upon something even more special. It's a partnership with SezWho ~ they plunked right down into Entrecard's lap and are making things even better.

Get a load of this. If you comment on somebody's blog who also has SezWho installed, you get advertising credits. This is killer kool. Here are the rules:

1.) Installing SezWho on your blog: 100 points

2.) Writing a Blog Post about the partnership: 100 points

3.) Use a “bonus title” for your post: 50 points (get a bonus title by emailing You cannot mention in the post that it is a bonus title.

4.) Tweeting on twitter about the partnership: 50 points

5.) Commenting on SOMEONE ELSE’s post about the partnership (Entrecard or otherwise), and mention your favorite thing about the Entrecard - SezWho partnership: 50 points

There are 350 possible points. So comment on this blog post, link to every “entry” for the contest you have, and tally your score. We’ll confirm the scores manually, and award the following prizes:

1st place for members who earn maximum number of 350 points: 5,000 credits

2nd place for members who earn 300 points: 2000 credits

3rd place for members who earn 250 points: 1000 credits

4th place for members who earn 200 points: 500 credits

I'm jazzed. I hope you are too. Play along. Enjoy. Life is short. Good luck. Peace out.

9 peanuts say:

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I installed this too, but the rating thingy doesn't show up on mine. I'm using blogger classic. Maybe that's why. Come over and take a look. Thanks little chicken. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

storyteller said...

I’m happy you’re finding ways to enhance your experience and your readership. Methinks I’m content with a minimalist approach for myself … at least for the time being, but best wishes and may lotsa points come your way!
Hugs and blessings,

Sandy C. said...

You must be the 1,405th blogger that has given Entrecard a thumbs up. I just signed up recently and I'm still trying to find my way around. I hope to find more traffic and friendships like you have :)

RennyBA said...

A bit suspicious about the effect, but maybe. Thanks for telling anyway!

Bond said...

I am still deciding on Sezwho...

Vixen said...

Well, I went ahead and loaded it. I have read a lot today about people not liking and alot about people who do like it. I am not sure how it works or if it is even working correctly on mine. If you notice let me know.

Chuck said...

Sandee, I checked your site out and it looks like mine - same rating thingy at the bottom/top of each post. Idunno...

Storyteller, you're so cute. I swear I always have the same intentions, I just end up jumping in and doing way more than I had planned. I'll let cha know how it works out.

Sandy C, it really has worked out nicely for me, but I'm like you ~ I'm still learning. While I am though, I'm gaining new readers, so why not?

Ah RennyBA, you should give it a try. So far so good.

Bond, come back in a few days and I'll give you more feedback. So far so good.

Vixen, you're funny. I went to your site and it looks just like mine does. I guess we're all doing it right 'cause they all seem to be the same.

*smackies* to you all for your comments.

Anonymous said...

I saw this very recently too and installed the SezWho plugin on two of my blogs.

After a few troubles I managed to get it all working, I think that it will really help to increase the quality of traffic that Entrecard brings to a blog. Though we will see how we go.

Dianne said...

Oh Lord! I have so much to learn LOL