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Jun 7, 2008

Two Wheels for Two

Hiya! This is Peppermint Patty reporting in live from Kansas on behalf of Charlie Brown who is currently on her way to Long Beach riding in support of B~A~D (Bikers Against Diabetes). Check back in on Tuesday when she returns to celebrate her anni-blogo-versary. (psssst - There will be a give-away...) I know. You're so excited you can't stand it. So, I'll let you in on a secret. She mentioned something about a DVD and a book. *oh boy oh boy*

Good weekend to you all. Over and out.

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11 peanuts say:

HRH said...

Sounds like a good time!

Is there a big blogversary party here upon return?

Chuck said...

YES. There will be a give-away :) Thx for asking. ;)

Phyl said...

Hi Patti! Give my love to Chuck:).

storyteller said...

How very kewl;--)
Reminds me of my younger daze. My goodness … Chuck's going to be just down the highway from me for this event!!! Our weather’s great so I’m sure she’ll enjoy it ... and hope she has a marvelous ride!
Hugs and blessings,

RennyBA said...

Keep us posted - I'm excited too of course :-)

Nap Warden said...

Oh a!

eastcoastlife said...

A giveaway! Are residents outside of the USA allowed to participate? *waits eagerly*

Roger said...

Have fun ridding those hogs!

Melanie said...

I've got an award for you right here:

the teach said...

Okay it's Tuesday, Chuck, waiting on your return!

Emily, RN, BSN said...

Uh, it's Tuesday....anxiously awaiting your return....