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Mar 13, 2008

Approaching 40; 40; 40 and above - & Fit-abulous! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
I'd like to play a meme game. On Saturday. (See, I stumbled across a an "Over 50" blogroll at Sandee's place and decided it was time to get go'n on the prior decade.)

Players: Those rapidly approaching 40, already landed smack-dab on 40, or who have long-since embraced 40 (and see the less-wise folk eating sassy-dust in their rear-view mirrors -- in other words, you're 50 or 60, etc.)...Anybody else who believes they could gain from playing in the sandbox, should.

Behind the Tattoo: Right around my 40th, the puzzle pieces fit. The big picture landed in front of my eyeballs --> I have a never-ending need to find peace and balance in my life by staying FIT spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Now that I'm way smarter, wiser, funnier, and better looking figuring it out *giggling*, I'd love to hear about your experiences/knowledge too. Let's perform brain-cell stimulation *yippee* and help each other thru life.


1) Share a brief statement or two on how your yang (positive) has overcome your yin (negative) in the past week -- How have you become FIT on many levels of your life? How did you step on butthead, adversity? {Although the symbol's shape indicates continual movement of the 2 energies, I believe the balance comes from our behavior allowing the positive to outweigh the negative}; and,

2) Leave your link here at the Chuck hub so all participants know you've spewed. Meet and greet. We make linky-love (tip: use Mr. Linky).

Extras: I'll display a code to make it easier to steal the 40 and Fit-abulous button (which may change - knowing me) and start a blogroll too. I'll have games and awards down the road too. If you're in, come play - "Contact Me" button is sitting on top my bald head.

Rock~n~roll. Party on. Peace out. *smackers*

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19 peanuts say:

storyteller said...

Oh I love the 'sticky quote' and so want to learn to do this thing. Please HELP me learn Chuck!

As for your 'fun' ... well ya know I'm much too old to play. Heck I'm even old at the Bloggers Over 50 site (but fortunately they accept me as I am just as you do sweetie). I'll watch this one from the sidelines girlie because I've already got more on my plate than I know what to do with ;--)

Hugs and blessings,

Open Grove Claudia said...

Boy, I fit the age group and I'm happy to play. I'm just not really sure what you are looking for - a way my positive over came my negative? Is that it?

I didn't post on the Gov of new york - how's that?

Maybe you could give your own example?

RennyBA said...

This sounds scary - never been as happy since I passed 50 a while ago :lol:

Wishing you a great end to your week! So will there be any "pigs in a blanket" for you in the Easter time?

Pam said...

If I ever figure it all out, I'll let you know. Right now- the pieces all seem to be flying around. ;)

Chuck said...

well, the idea of being happy, at any age heading for 40 and any age above is what I would like to hear about. examples would include what you stated, Claudia. something simple. i want this to be a motivator. something we reference that will be a pick-me-up. think about the law of attraction...the secret. using positive thoughts to attract positive lifestyles, good health, etc. mine would be (w/out putting any thought into it), continuing my workout even though I battle with PTSD and fatigue. i have hope that i'll triumph over the odds. could be something religious or non-religious. ok. 'nuf said. i think i'm rambling. c'mon guys. let's play!

tommie said...

I will be 40 in July...should I just bookmark this page until then? Or be the dork in high school and do homework?

Chuck said...

tommie, you are too funny! of course you can play!! you could be 30 and still qualify *wink*

i'll add you to the blogroll if that's ok, .then next friday-saturday (probably will be a sat. game since Haiku is big for Fri.); post about something you've done that you feel applies (based on this post and above comments) using the button I've created here and Mr. Linky -- and link back to me. [i'll send you the code for the button if you like.] then come back and sign my mr. linky. i'll visit you and everybody else who sees your link will too - i'm sure of it. you got questions, lemmeno. this is gonna be fun!

(sorry if this was redundant. i just want to make sure if others read this, they'll understand the way my mind is working.)


bluedreamer27 said...

hahha gheeh how bout me chuck im just 19 hmmm maybe i will just look forwrd for the result of the game what yah think huh?
have a great day

Anonymous said...

awwwwww Chuch,
You know I'm still a babe in arms and now you want me to act all grown up and shatter the illusion?
OMG...does this mean I have to think too? It's a tough life for one so young hehehehe
Have a great weekend Sweetie :o)
Colin - looking forward to my mis-spent youthhahaha

Dorothy said...

Oh, 40? That's not so bad. It was one my best decades...

I tagged you for a fun book meme. I'm also changing over from Scrungy and Friends to my very own writing blog...a more serious site, and invite you to come visit me at
Windsongs of the Heart.

Hugs... Dorothy

DianeCA said...

Well it won't make you fit at 40...but Hey Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

MamaGeek said...

Hiya Chuck,

I've missed you. I'd love to play but I'm NOT nearing 40. Yes I am. No I am not. Yes I am. No I am not.

You look like your're nearing 25!

HRH said...

Chuck, what a fun idea. I am going to have to check my schedule to see if I can fit it in...

Roger said...

Hope you had a great weekend and a happy Paddy's Day to you! :D

Jen said...

I finally have my award displayed/posted proudly! Thanks again! I LOVE IT!!!! Oh and I tagged you for a meme. Take it or leave it, it's there if you feel like doing it! :)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well, after my very long weekend I'm so behind. I also think I'm about memed out. I see the read more fix didn't work. Hope you had a great weekend. :)

mama meji said...

The wheels in my mind are turning. Now do I really have wheels in my mind? Haha.

Anyway, hope to figure this out. Love that sticky quote up there. Have a wonderful day, Chuck!



Heather said...

Hiya Chuck! I guess I would qualify, but I don't feel like I do! I still feel like a young kid, although I'm very satisfied with life right now. I feel like I've learned enough to be a good wife, momma, and friend. But I know I still have so much to learn!

Great idea! I'll be checking back!

Nelle said...

hey there!
How are you?? :D
Hope ur doin great

I have a tag for you! here>