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Feb 25, 2008

Little Oopsie At Day 5 - No Food.

<--- Chuck, is that you?

As you regular readers know, I've been doing The Master Cleanser. Suggestion for this post is don't scrimp on the carbs! See, I've trained myself to stay away from sugar. FYI: carbs break down into sugar. In other words, I put about 1/2 of what the recipe called for of maple syrup, and this a.m. I had no energy. I could hardly walk up the stairs. ...must've been in a stupid stooper *knocking myself in the head* Don't let this scare you away, friends and family! I believe everybody should try it. It's amazing what's happening overall. I'm more peaceful, calm, and I have no stress, just to name a few. Just learn from my mistake. Simple enough. Now move on already.

Bonus: Removal of cravings and toxins are the biggest reasons I chose to to this; but, I've lost a lot of water weight! Day 5 and NINE lbs. *jumping for joy* I was a big, bloat ball! Everything I ate was causing me to expand. I thought I was getting fat, but I've never been overweight or really had fat on my body before.

Go here and here to see days 3 and 4 (if you care). (p.s. I've had a glass of lemonade this morning, and I already feel super duper!!)


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5 peanuts say:

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Us old folks are on medication and I'm not sure this is a good thing for me. I like the nine pounds though. Have a great day my little grasshopper. :)

Open Grove Claudia said...

Wow. I can't think of anything more intelligent to say than: "wow". I'll be interested to see what you learn from this process.

the teach said...

Wow, Chuck, 9 pounds! That's fantastic! Guess that Master Cleanse is working! BTW I do take crap from a lot of people...(ref my Dodge Viper post):)

Pam said...

I'm that this is working. Sorry you felt so low this morning but that now you have more energy. Keep us posted!

Melanie said...

Wow- I'm going to have to read some more about this Master Cleanse. I could sure stand to lose 9 or 25 pounds. The problem is that I just like food so much....