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Jan 11, 2008


I don't like using the phone for purchasing or any reason for that matter, but if I have to I will. Today, I called to get Baci's prescription refilled. I got voicemail. I left a message (this is my only option). Before I've completed my sentence, I got cut off. Did they get my message? Will they call me back? There's no other number to call. *Hmmf*

...or, I get poor-quality customer service at which time I get angry and am forced to ask to speak to somebody else. I know this makes them mad as well, but what else am I to do? ... put on hold. I wait. And wait. Then somebody says, "Hey, no problem." But by that time, I'm irritated and feel like killing somebody. Why didn't the rep do this for me in the first place?

Yesterday, I called Social Security on behalf of my mom. Was on hold for 35 minutes. When I made a joke about this, I got interrupted from the person on the other end who I thought needed to get a different job.

Could email - this is actually my preference. How long does/should one wait for a response? 24 hours is common. A couple days? A week? Send another email asking kindly for a response and get, "Huh. I didn't get your email. It must've gone into my spam folder," or "You can't send messages to that email. There's no human working at that desk." How 'bout, "I'm sorry. I'd love to help you out!"

etc., etc., etc. --- what is this world coming to?

*Urgh* Tired of it. You?

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4 peanuts say:

Alison said...

I hate calling someplace and having to enter a bunch of numbers to go here, there or anywhere and never having the option to speak to a real person when the options given you aren't what you need!!

manda said...

i hate calling purchasing over the phone also. Or call service people. It's just so ridiculous. The person is either clearly sitting on a pushpin,or else I get a silly robot. It's for the birds. :)

Dorothy said...

Are they all trying to make robots and machines think and respond like human beings? Yes
Are they helpful? NO
Do I want to comunicat with a real live human being? Yes
Tired of it all....Yes, Yes, Yes...very much so, yes.

Gone are the days when everybody knows your name. Where credit is extended because you asked, where errors are taken away in the blink of an eye, because you asked and when every human you speak to is not off on another continent handling my bank account.

I'm for change...for going back to the pre technology days when humans opperated the machines and cared about customer service and cared about their jobs.

Polly Kahl said...

YOu get a big AMEN from me on this one!