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Jan 28, 2008

Meme Monday

Melanie suggested we make Monday our Meme day so we can all play along and increase our ratings. Click on her link above and sign in and let everybody know you're playing. She'll be the hub. Oh joy, I say. Let's all connect and love on each other. Group hug. Here's mine.

Sandee @ Comedy Plus tagged me for another meme. Bless her sweet sassay soul.

Here's how it goes: Rule #1: Copy all the links below and replace a single link under the appropriate letter of the alphabet. If your domain name, or even the title of your blog, starts with an “A,” you’d replace the link under that letter and put the replaced link at the bottom. Also, don’t forget to credit the tagger, or where you got the list from, at the end of the list with a full URL of the post so that a pingback gets generated.

Replaced link: I. iPentimento Previous tagger: Comedy Plus

Rule #2: You now have to “tag” at least five people and encourage them to participate so that this thing spreads.

Nap Warden; Gratitude Journal; Bits and Pieces; Hanna; and, Frog Ponds Rock.

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7 peanuts say:

HANNA said...

Thank You very much!
I get this tomorrow,
see You Rhonda ;0)

My Paid to Blog said...

Haii Rhonda, your blog is reallly nice, tha's why I tagged u. Please check it out here

I also tag u in my blog networks. and

I will be glad if u wanna tag me back:)

livin' with me said...

Thanks for playing along! I am hoping it will help us to all keep up on all of our tags.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

And even more love. Have a great day Rhonda. :)

Sandy Carlson said...

Your blog is great.
My computer is moving at its own pace tonight, so I had time to read your blogger profile. Amongst the Cacti cracked me up no end.

Have a good night!

Roger said...

Oh thank God you didnt tag me for this lol! I am so bad at those things ;D

Greatfullivin said...

Thanks for the tag, Rhonda. I will get to it soon. Hugs!