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Feb 5, 2008

Paying it Forward

Sadly sidetracked, but getting it together so as to say thanks. Here are a few neighbors who have assisted me in my addiction made my stay in bloggyville a pleasant one.

Comedy Plus gave me these two awards. I'm speechless, really. I've never met you, Sandee, but your ability to give is tremendous. You visit my site every day and give me support by educating me in techy-land as well as give me awards and advice to.

From Comedy Plus too -- This sweet tater means even more to me, 'cause of its roots provided by The Painted Veil. To partake in such goodness takes me right to the dinner table where I slather on the butter and dive in.

Nap Warden - superwoman, more like it. I've said it before. I'll say it again, "She's the cape girl we all know and love. She's a mommy of 2, wife, homemaker, blogger, pimp and friend." Look what I got from her!

Natalie, a Red Sox Mommy said I make her day. Ahhhh. What a Killer Kool thing to say. Right back atcha babe!

Pooch @ Yarn Knit Read Lit said I make her smile. Now, if this isn't something to get out of bed and blog for, I don't know what is. Thank you so much, Pooch!

Livin With Me gave me this beaut. I had been eye-ball'n this baby and when you passed it on to me, Melanie, I was super-psyched - thank you! It means a lot that you thought of me.

    11 peanuts say:

    ellen b. said...

    Chuck or Rhonda or ?
    You are too kind!
    Hey, when you get to be my age which is way older than your young self, I have to get excited about any poundage that comes off this old body of mine. Cheers!!!

    Nap Warden said...

    Thanks for the love Chicky...or should I say Chucky:)

    Sandee (Comedy +) said...

    I love it over here so it's quite easy to visit everyday. Thanks for speading all this love. I'll get on this tomorrow. Right along with the Big Bang and another tag I just received. Oh, I changed your blog name in my tag list and my buddy list. Have a great evening. :)

    Chuck said...

    Group hug! (Chucky)

    Shesawriter said...

    Hey Rhonda,

    I really do love this blogskin. How was your weekend? Me? I'm suffering through a wicked bout with the flu. My son is home sick too. I hope this thing blows over soon.

    Roger said...

    Aww arnt you a sweetie! I posted your tag I am going to miss Rhonda Chuck...Roger goes along good with Rhonda. Have a great day!! :D

    Dorothy said...

    My goodness! I wasn't prepared for the change. See what happens when you spend a couple of weeks looped on drugs, tubes, ventilators and whatnot.

    I like your new look. I got your card today, too. I had to check it out again when your comments came through. Chuck through me for a loop. I thought...who's getting so personal with all the smooches here...then I remembered your card. LOL. So thanks for the heartfealt smooches, prayers and cute card. And what do you mean you were off having your face done? Fill me in...


    HANNA said...

    Hey Chuck!
    I love You!
    I grab this now...
    hot embrace

    Sandy Carlson said...

    Thanks again! By the way, your new look is super. God bless!

    Natalie said...

    Thank you so much! LOVE the new look!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks Chuck! I like the new style of your blog.