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Since October 2007

Nov 17, 2007

I Love to Give but Receiving is Sometimes Welcome

In this case, I received a gift, after giving one, and I cried. I actually sat here at my box and tears were coming out of my eyes (hormones? nah. it's who i am). My blogging mom (and her critters) from the sphere say I make them smile. I can't hardly believe it. I have succeeded in my goal and spread'n the love couldn't be a nicer experience! Please give a warm round of applause to Scrungy and Friends for having such big hearts -- check out my present:

Thanks ma! (I'll be giving this away soon, so stay-tuned to see if you're the lucky recipient!)

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2 peanuts say:

WorksForMom said...

Yay Rhonda! Congrats and don't forget the little people. :)

Maximilian said...

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