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Nov 15, 2007

Electronic Toys (scroll down for TT)

Can't help but get sucked into the new gadgets of the month, year, century...anybody else with me? Absolutely no interest in getting an iPod, for example, but then all of a sudden, as soon as my mouth speaks or my fingers type the words: disinterest, suddenly, there it is waving around in front of me like some virtual red-flag reality.

First, I get online to look for my next new phone. (Proudly, I waited 2 1/2 years for this.) The latest and greatest, of course, don't just have the MP3s, nothing new, but digital radio too, e.g., XM! So, for the workout, my question becomes this: Do I buy yet another MP3, do I look into the iPods, or do I pay an extra ten bucks for monthly airtime with my new phone? *Hmmmf*

Theeeen, a couple days later I read that my friend got the latest iPod -- here, she talks about having the same disinterest, but now there it is; it lands right in her lap. (Here she writes about it: My iPod). Note: I gave her the witty award recently. You should click on the purple link there and check out how cute she can see it in her writing, hence, witty. She is a hand-bag designer. They're unique, affordable, fun...You mommies would get a kick out of her diaper clutches, etc.

But, I digress.

After these instances occurred, I still really thought nothing of it. Until today. Once again, Chris @ Self Improvement Journal pinged me letting me know, yes, you guessed it, that he is giving away an iPod Shuffle or Nano! Cheap Web Hosting Dedicated is sponsoring the contest. Therein, lies the red flag!

Is it a sign or merely a temptation? You tell me.

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1 peanuts say:

Kim said...

Thanks for all the shout-outs...I'm blushing over here! :) Yes, it's a sign. Why pay for XM, which I have in the car, and be in a good rhythm while working out to "Pieces of Me" only to be thrown off track when "So Small" is the next song played on 20 on 20. Or worse, be listening to the Mix channel when suddenly a commercial for a new computer software program that can change your life comes on. Yes, you can search for another channel, but it's easier to set your playlists on the iPod. Gasp! Unless you work out to CNN Headline News, then I can't help you. :)

(BTW, compain to XM about the commercials and they'll cut your next annual subscription 50%)