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Since October 2007

Oct 29, 2007

OK, so we're broke...

Yes, we overspent again...or actually I did, but who's paying attention to details. I know I'm not, otherwise, we wouldn't have a negative balance in our checking account. Bummed is an understatement, as I had to use my new 0% credit card to get food. Yes, I said food. What a big mistake. Oh well, it's 0% and it's my fault, so what is a girl to do? Go shopping, of course -- for dollar bills, that is ;)

Naturally, I went to Working at Home Mom - Making Money at Home, my favorite money-making blog! Here's what I learned: Blog About Your Blog is having a contest. Their sponsor is Bidvertiser. (Bidvertiser is running a promotion where you can get $20 of free advertising for new advertisers!!) You can win $300 in cash and prizes. So I did what they told me and subscribed to the Rss Feed to Blog about Your Blog. This alone enters me into the contest. If I want to be entered twice, than I post about it -- which I have done. If I want to be entered 3 times, then, well...I do all the above (I'm such a kiss-a_ _ _!)

There're only 5 winners, so now all I can do is cross my fingers and walk away and hope if they can't buy me food, then my man can. Though there's a chance I could Win Great Prizes, tonight's the last night, so if you're going to enter, you literally got just a few hours!! You don't want to miss out! Have fun :0

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3 peanuts say:

WorksForMom said...

Hey you should check out fall bloggy giveaways. There's lots of people giving away gift cards. And all you have to do is comment on their post and be randomly selected.

Good luck! And I feel your pain Rhonda!

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