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Sep 5, 2007

TT Post #1!

Thirteen Things I Miss When I'm Away From Home

1. M&M (no, not the candy, "My Man"); because I usually travel alone, absence truly does make the heart grow fonder;
2. MY BABY, Baci following me everywhere I go! (This is my dog; my only child);
3. My own bed (duh - I realize this is obvious);
4. Having more to choose from in the clothing dept. -- not just that one tanktop and cargo shorts I thought would last me thru the entire visit;
5. My personalized focus atmosphere for writing;
6. Our 61" flat-screen, plasma HDTV;
7. My friends (I'm starting to think they are beginning to forget who I am 'cause I'm gone so much);
8. Organic food -- believe it or not, this is hard to come by in a LOT of places;
9. My workout equipment;
10. Cell coverage (including picture & video messaging);
11. Watching Young & The Restless;
12. Wash machine & laundry soap; and,
13. My hairdresser.

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4 peanuts say:

Kim said...

Congrats on your first TT!! :) One down and a lifetime to go. I forgot to do it this week. If you haven't already, don't forget to "Join In" so everyone knows you're there...and then leave some comments on others...that's how you'll build a following. Have fun with it!!

Rom said...

hi there Rhonda,
I'm glad you finally figure it out how to use the technorati tag generator from Rhys, if its not for your writing in the comment section of Rhys i would not dare touch that TTG again i downloaded it about a week ago and don't know what to do with it. I can see you have put a good use for it, me too i already use it. You got one hell of a good blog site here and i can see you're a nice and fun writer too, i think I'll comeback here to see more of your works.
hey, stay happy and i can sense you are.


Erick said...

13 things about advice for teen . thats nice

Rom said...

Hi Rhonda. thanks for your comment on my quotable quotes post, me too i enjoy browsing on your pages and i think this thirteen things here is quite wonderful, i think I'll join in it. My profile? i leave it just like that maybe i don't want people to know me as to avoid being judged. You know how people sometimes judge you of where you came from and the color of your skin, stuff like that. But if you want to know me more let's just exchange emails cause comment box here are kinda small don't you think so?
my direct email:
yes I'm from the Philippines
take care for now...