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Jun 6, 2007

Things Are Looking Up!


I am second of two in a unit consisting of twins and am running to win :) This is my witty way of saying I have an older twin sister and also references the URL of my blog! "Running to Win" is my motto and stems from an inspirational book I read years ago entitled just that, I’m Running To Win, by Ann Kiemel Anderson and the "Two" in the blog name is ‘cause I’m the younger twin; I’m second. OK. Enough jibber jabber --

I’ve been running for so many years (20+) that my legs have finally given out (there are 2 ways to look at that comment)! I think the blame goes to my angle: I was running AWAY and not TO my final destination. Getting lost and finding myself 5, 6, 20 too many times took a toll, and at last, I have given in (never up) and landed on solid ground…as a 40-year old aspiring writer – a vagabond no more.

Robin and I (the other 1/2 of me) live very far apart now, in more ways than one, but are still connected by an invisible umbilical cord that will never be severed. It is because of the wild drive in the Dodge referenced below that I am writing my memoir – after all these years of slacking off while hanging out in purgatory, I’m there, finding myself for the 1st time.

My story has probably been told in one light or the other, but I don’t care, ‘cause I’m going to write mine with a fancy flare! Here’s mine: there’s a spotlight shining down on these characters who are cast in the play that led me to where I am today: girls’ home, foster care, welfare, neglect, incest, attempted murder, rape, mugging, alcoholism, abuse, excessive religion, depression, anxiety, repression, mental illness, kidnapping, arson and abortion. Good foundation with which to work? I think so.

Story Line

My twin sister and I were in my mom’s womb 4 decades ago discussing how it would all pan out, only she took off 19 minutes earlier than I, and the story line took a turn for the worst and landed us in the pits of Hades! Matter of fact, it was just after about 9 wonderful years living and breathing the earth’s air when the trip we were on came to a shattering halt, literally, figuratively – boom, crash AND burn, dead, gone – ouch! Gosh darn it, we shouldn’t have gotten out of that car and changed vehicles (BTW: NEVER “should” on yourself)! But I digress. See, we transferred vehicles and the nice trip to what could have been Tahiti or the Bahamas switched from a smooth-sailing, comfortable mid-sized Honda sedan to a put-on-your-seat-belt, hold-on-for-dear-life kind of ride in an old beat-up Dodge w/ ½ an engine on its way to H _ _ _ !! Get the joke -- the analogy, that is ;) ?!


It’s possible to survive a crash, the wrong turn, or changing modes of transportation simply by never giving up and always giving in to the bumps that manage to jump up and bite you along the way. Key? Continually take heed to the necessity of discovering a new approach and a new perspective. Appealing to greater powers isn't such a bad idea either...

Now, on to building my platform and to writing! I've got a memoir to finish!

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8 peanuts say:

The said...
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Emily said...

Aww, I want more! The story is just beginning...


Carol said...

Well, well, well, you've taken that first big step and now it begins. I am so eager to read what will be spilling out of your minds' hidden chambers, down through your fingertips, ending as sentences and telling an intriguing story of life....your life. Congratulations, my love! I will look forward to reading what will surely be a number one seller...Hugs to you and the main man in your life.

John Elder Robison said...

Units are not normally "sets of two." In railroading, for example, Units are locomotives. A train with five Units has five locomotives pulling it.

There is an alternate usage, though . . . a Unit Train is a train carrying many cars with the same load headed to and from the same places. An example is a train with 100 cars of coal, going from a mine to a powerplant.

The analogy to you and your sister works better (to me) with locomotives, not coal cars. But you may see it the other way.

That said, you are your sister are a pair of units. She is Unit One, and you are Unit Two, or vice versa.

Since you are paired, you might call yourselves Unit 1A and Unit 1B, leaving a younger sibling the title Unit 2.

Anyway I look forward to your story unfolding as you get going.

K. Lynn said...

This is great! Look what staying home can do for ya:) You are awesome and an inspiration to me. Keep writing, so I can keep reading. Keep in touch my friend.

K. Lynn

K. Lynn said...

This is great! Look what staying home can do for you:) You are awesome and an inspiration to me. Keep writing, so I can keep reading. Keep in touch my friend.

K. Lynn

curtis said...

you are humbling me once again little sister. with a tear in my eye... is that supposed to happen?

Maurice said...

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