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Mar 3, 2008

Meme Monday and Awards Too #5

Melanie started this Meme Monday as a way to get some linky love and spend one day getting caught up on all tags. Rock and roll, sweet Melanie. Let's have some fun *yippee*

Message in a Bottle

---A meme from my buds, Sandee and Blue. A little late, but better than never and this one was fun, so thx friends.

Here are the rules:

You are about to send a virtual Message In a Bottle across the Blog Ocean. Leave a message in the sand or on the bottle. Write anything you wish. Be a pirate or a poet. Serious or silly. Anonymous or not. What message would you like to send out to the universe?

Message In A Bottle Meme

1. Compose a message to place in your virtual bottle.
2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic below.

3. Use a graphics program of your choice to place the message on the picture.
4. Post the Message In a Bottle meme and your creation on your blog along with these rules.
5. Tag a minimum of 5 bloggers - or your entire blogroll - to do the same. Notify them of the tag. Your virtual bottle will remain afloat in the blogosphere ocean for all blogernity (That's a Mimism for blog + eternity).

Sandee, once I hit the publish button, I'll head on over to Mimi's to let her know I've played *lovies*

Here's mine:

I'm not tagging this week, 'cause I did so many last week. I want you guys to keep visiting, you see. But, please play if you like! No tag necessary. Seriously now.

Dream Gadgets

Teach tagged me for a Dream Gadget meme. There were no rules...though I figure I am to post some gadgets I'd like to have. (Hope that's right, Mary!) Funny thing. I could only think of one :? She had three. So, if ya wanna play - do 3!

The second-generation Sony $999 BDP-S1 Blu-ray disc player features a more substantial remote than the Toshiba HD DVD player and was the quietest among the three machines tested.

Again, no tags. But, if you haven't played these games and you really must, do one or go crazy and do them both.

* * * *

My new bloggy buddy, Storyteller awarded me with the next four. Yes. Four. She's a generous giver and a sweetie too. I'm so glad to get to know you, cyber friend.

KC -- How sweet that you would give this to everyone that comments. I think you're cool too, KC!

Comedy Plus gave this to me. It means an awful lot when Sandee gives me a gift. I stand a little taller with this special present.

Lookie. I got this from both Comedy Plus and OneLuvGurl. I'm feel'n the love now. Wow. Thanks so much guys.

Roger Dodger. You were away a week, working double shifts and when you return you make gifts. You're quite a dude. Thanks a billion!

My Blog Rocks!
The first 10 visitors who comment may take the awards. It means a lot that you visit. I will also be giving some of them away at a later date to special recipients. *smoochies*

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24 peanuts say:

Greatfullivin said...

Congrats on all of your awards and thanks for passing them on! I am thinking the fast is over, and you survived! Great...hope you are feeling at your best! HUGS!

storyteller said...

Hey – that’s cool! I did this meme today myself. Ya know what they say about ‘great minds’ … right? LOL
Congrats on all the awards. Looks like you’re a ‘popular gal’ indeed! Hang in there … you’ll be able to eat again soon.
Hugs and blessings,

NuttyGal said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my MM post today :o) I really enjoy reading your blog.

Blugs (Bloggy Hugs)

NuttyGal XX

maryt/theteach said...

Chuck, I've been very lucky to receive most of these awards...Enjoy them!

Sandee said...

You are so deserving of all these awards. You also had a very busy week. Have a great MM. :)

Pam said...

Look at you and your bad self getting all the awards. Congrats!

Jen said...

WOW, you have tons of awards!!!! AWESOME!! Thanks for stopping by and reading my Meme, etc. I loved your message in a bottle! That is EXACTLY what my message would have to say!! LOL! Have a great day!

Texasholly said...

Woohoo. I'm carting them off. They should fit in the's pretty roomy for cargo. ha. What fun. Congratulations.

Cynthia said...

Congrats on the bling Chicky!

Lifeless in Ohio said...

Hey girl - when you score, you score! Congrats! And I loved your Elvis picture below - I met Elvis in June of 1969 - he was so fine!

RW said...

Sorry I got in to late to chat :( but look at all the awards you have! You are so loved!! Have a good night & a awesome tomorrow!! :D

Michelle said...

congratulations on the blog deserve them..have a great day

Anonymous said...

I'm late for this! I came by yesterday morning and nothing was up yet! I'm stealing the awards anyways! ;) Congrats on all the awards! :)

fihanna said...

Oh My LOrdy!!!
poor U Chuck!
This monday-award-memo-grafia....
Thx for visiting and comment my place! U'r my creme della creme,si!
da Italia!

bluedreamer27 said...

gheeeeh im no 11 hahahaha
is there any consolation
? gheeeh just kidding
have a great day
oh how come i forgot to congratulate you

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck, how are you Sweetie?
Congrats on your awards, you really do deserve each and every one and more :o)
Guess what? You have been tagged LOL
Have a great day and hope you will join in :)
*lovies* my dear friend
Colin from Life

Unknown said...

You guys are all so sweet! Thanks for all your comments. It means so much when you all stop by and then take the time to leave a message as well. *kissies*

And please, take the gifts. Load'm in your minivans or your wheelbarrows -- even if you're after the #10 spot (bluedreamer!!) :) I was making an attempt at being innovative. That's all.

Now. Let's talk, Cricket's met Elvis??? Do tell!! Post or something. I dunno. Just something. Please.

Unknown said...

oops - Bluedreamer and OneLuv!! What can I say. I don't drink coffee anymore. I didn't miss you intentionally, April. Luv ya *winkie*

maryt/theteach said...

Chuck, thanks for playing Dream Gadgets. I do appreciate it! :D

Open Grove Claudia said...

Yea for awards! I love your message in a bottle! Are you done with your eating program?

Laski said...

Oh wow--check out all the bloggy bling. Good for you! Doesn't it feel good to be loved?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for playing along! I loved your message in a bottle- too funny! And congrats on all of your awards. You are one popular lady.

KC said...

Why thank you maam.
I love your message in a bottle.. that is so funny..
Think I'm going to start using that :)

Unknown said...

Cute Message in a bottle...I am playing catch up from the excitement of the weekend and Monday.